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  • Slender marquise hoops, solo or stacked
  • Size: 52mm diameter
  • Metal: White is sterling silver; yellow is 14K plated over sterling silver; rose gold is rose gold plated over sterling silver
  • Stone: Marquise and round Cubic zirconia

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by Anonymous



Response from Customer Service:


感谢您购买 Jen 篮球! 我们很抱歉您觉得价格和质量不成正比。 这些箍由 925 纯银制成,与黄铜相比,这是一种稍微柔软和轻一些的金属,这可能会让您觉得它们不是您期望的质量。 我们在制作这些耳环时选择了 925 纯银,因为它们靠近脸部,并且使用低过敏性金属对我们很重要。 我们肯定会在制作下一个圈形耳环时考虑您的反馈。


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for purchasing the Jen hoops! We are so sorry you don’t feel the price and quality are proportional. These hoops are made of 925 Sterling Silver which is a slightly softer and lighter metal opposed to brass which may be way you feel they are not the quality you were expecting. We opted for Sterling Silver when creating these earrings are as they are close to the face and using a hypoallergenic metal was important to us. We will certainly take your feedback into consideration as we create our next hoop earrings.

Thank you again!
The Product Information Team